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NetCentrics Benefit Spotlight: Personal and Professional Growth


NetCentrics blazed a new path in the 1990s to protect the nation’s most important digital infrastructure. Today, the company continues the tradition anticipating future risks and opportunities associated with emerging technologies. Central to this mission is an investment in our people. This isn’t idle talk. NetCentrics offers ongoing training and certification as two benefits available to full-time employees. Just as important are the informal mentorships that grow careers in disciplines as diverse as engineering and visual communication.

From Operations to Business Development

Rick BattistaAccount executive Rick Battista is one example. Rick is actively involved with several high-profile government contracts relating to IT modernization and cybersecurity. A D.C. native, Rick didn’t have a security clearance when he arrived. The company sponsored the necessary background checks for Rick to obtain clearance and work on these contracts.

“Since day one at NetCentrics I have always been told to ask questions and talk to anyone about anything,” says Rick. “They want you to grow as an employee and a person. I started in recruiting and have been given opportunities to grow and learn in areas I enjoyed or found interesting.” A little over a year and a half ago Rick was given the opportunity to switch the Business Development team.

Informal Mentorship, Real World Experience

“I’m using skills I learned on the operations side to help the BD team. They have surrounded me with great mentors such as Harry Aderton and Amy Johnson. Both are teaching me the lessons they have learned through their years in the government contracting world.”

Aderton and Johnson have extensive experience navigating government contracts. Government contracts are significantly larger and more complex than those in the private sector. Nowhere is this more apparent than in cybersecurity work. There must be a balance between the transparency necessary for taxpayer accountability and the secrecy necessary to perform work to the highest national security standards. Their expertise is hard-won. Yet, both Aderton and Johnson generously mentor, formally and informally, trusted team members like Rick.

Rapid Growth Ahead

Sharing institutional knowledge is necessary as NetCentrics enters another phase of rapid growth.

“We are currently working on multiple proposals that could help NetCentrics grow and break in to new agencies and new markets,” says Rick, mentioning one project in particular that’s on the horizon and is particularly exciting.

“The NetCentrics BD team is eager to go after opportunities [like this] that not only benefit the company, but the employees as well, because securing it will demand we all level up our skills another notch.”

“One thing I have seen in my three years at NetCentrics is how the company always wants to better the employees. We offer training and certification courses to help our employees grow and become more valuable in their field. Also, multiple employees have come back after leaving NetCentrics. This is great for them and for us. They go out and learn more, about their field or the government market. They bring that learning back to the NetCentrics team, enabling us to more effectively deliver the latest skills to our customers.”

Rick says he looks forward to the projects ahead. He welcomes others to apply if they are seeking a place to grow their careers and learn new skills. Start by browsing open positions and connecting with Rick on LinkedIn.


Katie McCaskey

Content Specialist, NetCentrics
Katie writes about cybersecurity and emerging technologies.
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